Rosebery Primary 2012 Year 2/3/4


On Sunday 9th September Rosebery Primary had two teams compete in the Northern Territory Tournament of Minds Regional Final. If you don’t know, Tournament of Minds is a problem solving program for teams of students from both primary and secondary years where they are required to solve demanding, open-ended challenges. This information and more is available on the Tournament of Minds website. This year the Northern Territory offered only two disciplines – Maths Engineering, which this year was called Peer-spective and was about creating an object that could be viewed from different perspectives, and Language Literature, which this year was called What the Dickens, My Dahling Beatle Bard! and was about creating an allegory using characters from the influential writers mentioned in the title. Rosebery Primary had a team in each discipline. In the few weeks leading up to the finals day, the teams worked hard on coming up with a solution to the challenge and working out a script and dramatic performance to present their solution to the panel of judges. On the day the teams also had to participate in a ‘Spontaneous Challenge’. This is a short, five minute presentation where only the teams and the judges are allowed into the room. Teams are required to think quickly to come up with a creative solution to a problem. Good teamwork is essential!

"RPS Maths Engineering Team"

"RPS Language Literature Team"

  The Rosebery teams were-

Maths Engineering: Tom, Robert, Ruth, Oscar, Lochie, Alyssa, Edan

Language Literature: Hannah, Blaise, Saharah, Trinity, Ashley, Sarah (and Makayla but she didn’t perform on the day)

Our Year 2/3/4 class had four students in the teams. Blaise, Ashley and Trinity were all a part of the Language Literature team and Tom was on the Maths Engineering team. They have written about their experiences below.


My experience of Tournament of the Minds. The building was not what I expected. The room that we performed in was very small. There were three judges, and they were girls. The performance was supposed to be 10 minutes but our performance was only 5 minutes and 25 seconds. We performed in Charles Darwin University where all the others performed. We performed against other primary schools. I was very confident. I was the MOST confident. After the performance we had a challenge and we had to answer what the JUDGES said we had to do but… I’m not allowed to tell you the challenge. The best bit of Tournament of the Minds was when we got to dress up. The worst bit was when it took SO SO SO SO SO SO SO long to get there. That was my experience.

By Blaise


Hi my name is Tom I went to the Charles Darwin University for Tournament of the Minds. It was the best experience ever! When we got to the room it was so much smaller then we thought. Then there was the performance. We were all nervous. It was really embarrassing most of the time. After the other team performed we had our shot.

By Tom


Hi, my name is Ashley and on Sunday I went to the Tournament of the Minds and we performed at Charles Darwin University. So let’s get this straight, my team did not come first or second but we did well anyway. It was a very good experience. I was Juliet as my character and I have to say that I did pretty well after all.

From Ashley!


Coming Soon…


Have you ever competed in Tournament of Minds?

Have you ever had to get up and perform in front of an audience? What was it like? 

Guest Post by Jade
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Facts about Guinea pigs

By Jade

Guinea pigs usually live for about five to seven years.

Guinea pigs need regular contact with their human family because they are social.

Guinea pigs love to be patted and hugged.

Guinea pigs don’t like loud noises.

A guinea pig’s teeth grow all of the time so they need a toy to chew to keep their teeth healthy.

Here is where I got my information from.

Here is a photo of my guinea pig, Bullet. He is the yellow one. The black one belongs to my friend Emily and is called Stich.

"Bullet and Stich"
Our Guinea Pigs, Bullet and Stich

Bullet and Stich love playing with each other. They cuddle up inside the cardboard box in the cage.

Bullet and Stich are both boys but they don’t fight.

They love chewing on carrots, lettuce, celery sticks, capsicum and cardboard boxes, sometimes even the wooden cage.

Bullet is nearly 3 years old. He’s a happy guinea pig, who loves to squeak every morning, to let us know that he’s hungry.

Jade's Guinea Pigs on PhotoPeach

Do you have or have you ever had any pets?

If so, what kind of animal are they?

What are their names? Why did you name them that?

Today all of the students in Year 2/3/4 wrote a recount of Rosebery Primary’s Dress up as a Book Character Day for National Literacy and Numeracy Week. Many of the students wrote great recounts. They will add their recounts as comments to this post when they have finished them.

National Literacy and Numeracy Week

On the 29th of August the whole school had National Literacy And Numeracy Week. What we had to do was dress up as a book character. I was Olivia the country girl. We had a parade and walked around the assembly hall. When I walked down the assembly hall I was hoping I would win. I was saying, “I’m going to win!’’  But when Cortney got called out I was like, “Nope, I didn’t win.’’ I was happy for Cortney, but I was disappointed for myself. It was kind of right that I didn’t win, I mean… NO ONE KNEW WHO I WAS! We did book character day to have some fun.

We did an activity for Reach for The Stars. We collected some data about books. Read our blog post about Reach for The Stars.

Every class was given a book to respond to. We were given The Very Itchy Bear by Nick Bland. For our response we wrote what we thought makes a good friend on sticky notes, for example, “Help them if they need it.’’ Mr Morrie drew a picture of the front cover of the book and stuck our sticky notes around it. We also sang a song called With A Little Help From My Friends by The Beatles. Half way through, while Ashley and I were holding up the poster, it ripped!

By Blaise


Miss Bracegirdle made a Photo Peach slide show of our classes in the costume parade. Check it out.

If you were going to dress up as a book character, who would it be and why?

What do you think makes a good friend?

Who are your best friends and why are they your friends?

booksThis week is National Literacy and Numeracy Week. Students all over Australia have taken part in a whole lot of different activities like the Read for Australia which this year involves writing a Six Word Story and Reach for the Stars which this year is called More2Books. At Rosebery Primary many classes participate in Reach for the Stars and we also have a ‘dress up as a book character’ day which is a lot of fun. Tomorrow is our dress up day. You’ll have to stay posted to find out which characters we chose.

This year’s Reach for the Stars activity, More2Books, was about collecting data about books.

We measured the length of the spines. Out of all of the books we measured the longest spine was 50 centimetres and the shortest spine was 11 centimetres.

We piled the books up and measured how high they were – 138 centimetres. That’s over a metre.

The most recent date of publication was 2011 and the earliest date of publication was 1972.

We looked at the main colour on the covers of the books. We used tally marks to keep a record of the colours. Only three books had their main colour as purple or grey. The most popular colour for book covers was blue with a huge 38 books having talliesthat colour. It was a long way ahead of the other colours. Why do you think blue was the most popular colour?

We also looked at the words in the books.

The longest word found was 17 letters long! The word was polyacrylonitrite from a book called Chemical Chaos. Good spotting Cameron and Jade!

Once we knew what to look for we found heaps of mathematical words like kilometres, plus, area, shapes, vast, feet, high, borrow, money, day, night, two-thirds, big, divided, length, even, year, distance, first, long, time, equal, minute, groups, kilograms, edges, litres, weight, solid and lots and lots of different numbers.

We had a lot of fun exploring some different things about books.

Did you do something special for National Literacy and Numeracy Week?

Who is your favourite book character? Who would you choose if you were dressing up as a book character?

What is the longest book you have ever read?

Guest Post from Adam
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Hi my name is Adam and my favourite sport is basketball because it helps your arm muscles. My favourite animal is the king cobra because it spits out poison. My favourite teachers are Miss Bracegirdle and Mr Morrie because Mr Morrie is loud and Miss Bracegirdle is nice. My class have been learning about The Key to Rondo. So far the characters are Leo, Mimi, Blue Queen and Tom. My favourite food is MacDonald’s and my favourite drink is Solo.

What is your favourite food and drink?

Who is your favourite teacher?

What is your favourite sport?

What is your favourite animal?

By: Adam

CSIRO Robotics Workshop
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Today Paul And Jim from CSIRO came and ran a workshop with most of the classes in the school. All three of our classes got to participate. Miss Spencer’s class went to the Beebots workshop and Miss Bracegirdle and Mr Morrie’s class did the Lego Mindstorms Robot workshop. We got to learn about when scientists use robots and how to program the robots.

In the Lego Mindstorms Robot workshop we had to program the robots to start at a certain point and then go in a straight line and stop at a particular point. That’s not as easy as it sounds! We then had to program the robots to curve around a track. We used some software on the laptops to program the robots and then downloaded the information onto the robot before going to test it out.

We all had a lot of fun, especially Logan when he made the robot do doughnuts! Have a look at our slideshow to see some of the photos that Miss Bracegirdle and Miss Spencer took.

CSIRO Robotics Workshops on PhotoPeach

Have you ever done a robotics workshop?

What was the best thing about using robots?


Kagan Co-operative Learning
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At Rosebery Primary Kagan Co-operative Learning is one of the key teaching methods used in all classes. Our class is organised into teams of four. Each student works with their team as a whole or with their shoulder partner, who is the person who sits next to them. After five weeks the teams are changed so that each person is learning to get along with different people and making new friends. Co-operation, oral language and social skills are improved through Kagan structures like a Round Robin. We have been doing quite a few Round Robins in class lately. A Round Robin is where each team member is given a topic and some think time to come up with a response. The team members then take turns sharing their ideas. In class we also do Class building activities where we are learning to get along with all the members of our class. We also do team building activities where we do fun activities in our teams like making pipe cleaner inventions.

What do you like about Kagan Co-operative Learning?

What is one thing that you have learned to do better, if you have done Kagan activities?



If you would like some more information about Kagan Co-operative Learning you can visit these websites:



The Key to Rondo
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The Key to Rondo

Miss Bracegirdle’s well-loved copy of The Key to Rondo.

In class this term we are reading The Key to Rondo by Emily Rodda. She is one of Miss Bracegirdle’s favourite authors and has written many books including the incredibly popular Deltora Quest series. For more information about Emily Rodda and The Key to Rondo go to Many of Emily Rodda’s books include fantasy characters and imaginary lands and in the stories magical things occur.

If you were a fantasy author what magical creature would you create to include in your books?

What would it look like?

Would it be a friendly creature or a monster?

Check out this link and complete the puzzle of the ‘Blue Queen’ for a fun Key to Rondo activity.

Welcome Back for Term 3
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Hello Years 2, 3 and 4! Yes – our class has changed slightly for Term 3 and Miss Spencer has joined us in our classroom space with her Year 2/3 class. We are now even bigger and better. Yay!

We hope that you had a great holiday and are ready and raring to go for Term 3. We have lots planned including some cooking and learning about multiculturalism and different parts of the world with out unit of work linked to the Olympics called It’s a Small World. In English we are doing a novel study on the book The Key to Rondo by Emily Rodda. Emily Rodda is one of Miss Bracegirdle’s favourite authors. As always we will continue to use the laptops regularly and some of the tools you used last term like Glogster and Voki.

What did you do on your holidays?

What were the best bits?

What were the worst bits?


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This morning we are learning about ANZAC Day. Mr Morrie has some pictures to show us and we are going  to do some activities. Miss Bracegirdle is going to make ANZAC Biscuits with us.  We will let you know about some of the things that we have learnt and put some pictures up of our cooking.

Here is a link to a quiz that we can do.

Rosebery Primary School has lots of kids who come from defence forces families so ANZAC Day is a particularly important day for our families. Many of the students march in the parades around Darwin.